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  • Ainsworth Hot Springs

    British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, is dotted with natural hot springs. Mountain water seeps down to the hot layers below, is heated, and pours from cracks in the rock into pools and rivers sending steam into the cold air. In many places these natural phenomena have been modified by man to form resorts with hot and warm pools for relaxing.

    Ainsworth Hot Springs on Kootenay Lake is a short drive from Nelson, which in turn, is about four hours by road from Kelowna.

    Visitors can lounge in the main pool at 35°C or in the hot pool and cave at 42°C with a magnificent view over the lake to the mountains beyond.

    My wife and I drove from our home in Grand Forks this past week and spent a day at the resort. Our bodies were so relaxed afterwards, we fell into a deep sleep for three hours and then a second sleep for ten more.

    The resort has a small hotel attached with European style sheets and duvets and an excellent restaurant with a long wine and beer list.

    If you’re flying to BC, or Alberta, you can add Ainsworth to your itinerary by driving south from Highway 1 or north from Highway 3. Two other hot springs in the same general area are at Nakusp, north of Ainsworth which is a small facility run by the municipality, and Halcyon Hot Springs, which is north of Nakusp and is larger and more upscale than the other two.

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    10 Feb

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