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  • Big Rock Weekend

    I decided to spend the last weekend of November (including the last day of autumn) on the top of the mountain. Letting aside the tiredness, it was a good decision; I enjoyed every moment of these 2 days.

    It all began Saturday morning, when I woke up earlier than usual and started to make the luggage. Because we decided to go lightly this time, we (me and my husband) were done in about 2 hours. As I put some order around the house, he got the car ready and took the luggage to the car. Around 12 PM we started our 2 days trip.

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    22 Dec
  • Thematical list of interesting tourist places to visit in Romania

    Romania it’s an interesting country to visit. There are both good and bad things about it, but I think that’s the case with all countries around the world. You can find below the most interesting places that I recommend you to visit while you’re in Romania.

    City break If you like the urban agglomeration and you want to taste the cultural values of the Romanians, here are the cities that you must to visit:

    • Bucharest (the capital city) – the biggest city in Romania, situated on the south part of Romania.
    • Sibiu – it’s a cultural city and it has a special charm. It’s situated in Transylvania region.
    • Iasi – another cultural city situated in the North-Est part of Romania in the Moldova region.
    • Cluj-Napoca – situated as well in Transylvania region.
    • Timisoara – located on the West of Romania in the Banat region.

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    20 May

    A couple weeks ago, my wife and three children packed into the car for our annual school “Spring Break”. No big deal, really, that it still was Winter. Just a relatively short drive to the mountains in the South West corner of the Czech Republic, and we could at least hope for snow and some much anticipated skiing. In fact there was none of the natural variety, but instead barely enough man made snow for one long run. The girls, nevertheless, managed to make the most of it, while Marie and I tended to our youngest, who at 4 months could hardly care less. After everything was said and done, the length of time spent getting there and back in the car seat was the deciding factor.

    Despite the weather, conditions of the slopes, comfort of the lodging, and all other details concerning this holiday, in particular a nice visit with a friend who we hadn’t seen in some time, the overall experience was enjoyable. Up until the trip back home to Prague, it could be said that we managed a fairly happy time, without incident. Citeste restul articolului

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    10 Mar
  • Out & About in East Slovakia

    While getting to North East Slovakia by car is not exactly an ideal field trip, the destinations that await are worth the effort. Furthermore, it is far more convenient to get to this region by air, since Poprad now has direct flights from the UK, and elsewhere in the EU. Thus, clean air, and arguably some of the most dramatic mountains in Central Europe, are more convenient than ever.

    A pleasant surprise, during a recent trip to the area North East of Poprad, was an evident increase in the number of Pensions and Inns, suggesting a certain transformation taking place. Alternatives now abound in contrast to the socialist era sport hotels, or neglected old spas and tourist lodges. Visitors may discover that sleepy historic towns such as Spišska Sobota, Levoča, Stara Lubovňa, and Barďejov certainly deserve a second look. The fact that these towns now have lodging and restaurants that far exceed previous offers is great news. Citeste restul articolului

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    12 Feb
  • Ainsworth Hot Springs

    British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast, is dotted with natural hot springs. Mountain water seeps down to the hot layers below, is heated, and pours from cracks in the rock into pools and rivers sending steam into the cold air. In many places these natural phenomena have been modified by man to form resorts with hot and warm pools for relaxing. Citeste restul articolului

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    10 Feb