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  • Big Rock Weekend

    I decided to spend the last weekend of November (including the last day of autumn) on the top of the mountain. Letting aside the tiredness, it was a good decision; I enjoyed every moment of these 2 days.

    It all began Saturday morning, when I woke up earlier than usual and started to make the luggage. Because we decided to go lightly this time, we (me and my husband) were done in about 2 hours. As I put some order around the house, he got the car ready and took the luggage to the car. Around 12 PM we started our 2 days trip.

    The traffic was a little busy, but nothing we couldn’t cope with. Until it started to snow and everything changed. We drove slowly and with caution, witch made us arrive late at the meeting point. Yes, we were supposed to meet with some friends of ours and hike together.

    Us being late, our friends decided to start the hike. We assured them that we will handle ourselves well on the track. We parked the car at the foot of the mountain and put our climbing equipment on.

    We started the hike at 15:35, just the two of us. We knew that the sun will set at around 5 PM, but in the forest it gets darker earlier. For this reason we had a faster pace at the beginning, and then relaxed for a little bit. Around 5 PM it was pitch black and we put on our head lights. We were in permanent contact by phone with our friends which were already at the hut.

    It wasn’t the first time we hike during the night but it still felt kind of spooky. We were only the two of us and I was afraid to walk the last one. We had the climbing sticks to help us walk faster, but they were no good in case a bear wanted to check us out. The wind grew stronger and the snow deeper as we climbed. We knew from the start that it was a 3 hours hike in the woods, but we hoped to do it faster, being just the two of us.

    At about 6 PM we arrived at the hut very tired, hungry and cold. All I wanted was to eat well and go to sleep. The trick was that, being in the fasting period before Christmas, I had to wake up and eat again, to gain strength. So I did. My friends started to sing mountain songs and drink hot wine, which made hang on for a while with them.

    But at the end of the day, I forgot all about being tired and cold and enjoyed the fresh air and the view. I was a good thing to greet the winter at its home, on top of the mountain.

    The cold, the trees and the snow, the smell of the pine cones and the colorful carpet of dead leaves, all made me forget about my worries and remember that nature is above my problems. Sometimes, after you work too much and make too many plans for the future, it helps to pull the plug and get away from it all. This is exactly what I did, and, even if I were physically tired, I was happy to get home and start a new week. And take a long bath …

    The only regret I had was that I didn’t took 1 extra day off and start the hike up on Friday. This way I would have had more time to relax on Sunday and enjoy the scenery, because on Sunday we hiked down and went home.

    Below are some of the shots my husband took at the mountain and around the hut. Breath taking scenery, right?

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    22 Dec

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